1. How do I best care for my Waiting Candles candle holder?

We are so glad you want to take good care of your candle holder! These are sturdy and beautiful pieces which are meant to be heirlooms that generations behind you may enjoy. You may want to keep your holder away from too much sun-bathing to reduce the risk of fading. Once a year, you may also want to give it a good polish with a natural wax. We like using Walrus Oil Wood Wax. This can also be used on your card holder.

For its first year in your home, we recommend letting your candle holder breathe. Do not wrap up or store in damp places.


2. What type of candles should I use for my Waiting Candles?

Our candle holders are made to accommodate standard taper candles, which have a diameter of 7/8". We typically like to use 10" taper candles in our own candle holder. We do recommend that you purchase flat-bottomed candles instead of the crimped-bottomed candles. 

There are many different color combinations that people use! Some people use all white candles. Some people choose to use purple candles for the weeks of Hope, Peace and Love and a pink candle for the week of Joy. Remember that your center candle is your Christ Candle, which will be lit on Christmas Eve. Some people like to have a different color for this candle! 


3. Help! My candles aren't perfectly straight. What should I do?

A trick that we like to use: Hold the candle directly over its candle hole, and hold a flame to the bottom so that the candle drips wax into the hole. When you get a few drips of hot wax into the candle hole, quickly and firmly press the candle down into the hole and give it a twist. The hot wax will give you the chance to manipulate the candle to make it stand up just right before it hardens again! 


4. When will my Waiting Candles arrive? 

We are hard at work making every candle holder by hand, with attention to detail. We can guarantee that your Waiting Candles will get to you by Thanksgiving, just in time for Advent! You will receive an email with notifications when your item is shipped. 


5. How do you handle returns?

Each product at Liturgy Wood is a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted piece made with love and care. Your piece may not look exactly like the picture you see on our website, but we can guarantee that it will be beautiful in its own right. Be prepared to be surprised and delighted at your original piece!

That being said, if your product is damaged or defective, or if you receive the wrong product, please contact us at liturgywood@gmail.com and let us help to make things right.


6. Do you have more products besides Waiting Candles? 

We have plans for different products, but they are not available for purchase right now. Stay tuned!