About Us

What is Liturgy Wood? 

We believe that what we do--the habits of our everyday life--are actually doing something to us. This means that our everyday rituals are shaping who we are and what we love. At Liturgy Wood, we hope to bring you pieces that will shape both the culture of your home and the affection of your hearts. These handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces are created to make way for everyday liturgies that will help you to "practice resurrection" and stir your affections for Jesus. 


Who is behind Liturgy Wood?

We are! So nice to meet you. We are Andrew and Elizabeth Harwell and we currently live in Alpharetta, GA (just north of Atlanta) with our three children: Wilson, Charlie and Rosemary. Andrew is our resident woodworker, but his full-time job is being a pastor, and we are currently in the beginning stages of planting a church right here in Alpharetta. Elizabeth is an author (you can visit her personal website here) and at Liturgy Wood she is the resident writer and director of operations. We love any music with a mandolin (We're looking at you, Punch Brothers, Mandolin Orange, and Arcadian Wild!), back-porch sitting, hosting lively dinner parties, and reading good poetry. We also love creating things, and we especially love creating together. 


What's the origin of Liturgy Wood?

Andrew has always tinkered with woodworking, and he's built a good bit of the furniture in our home. In 2018, we happened upon some beautiful wood from a fallen Red Oak tree and Andrew decided to make an Advent candle holder out of it. Elizabeth wrote up some Advent readings to go with it and called the whole thing "Waiting Candles". As it turns out, some friends and family wanted some, too...so we made a few more. And then, a few turned into 100. That's where this all started, and we aim to keep our business small, intentional, and relational. We are so glad to be able to create something for you and yours; It truly is an honor!